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Established Since 2009

Here at Antara Media, we specialize in developing strategic "guerrilla attack" marketing, advertising, promotion, sales E-Magazine and sponsorship
programs to help our clients build successful and highly profitable businesses.

We increase your leads, sales and profits by using the most powerful direct response marketing techniques. We are experts at both
traditional and Internet marketing.

Let's face it; getting new customers is the life blood of every business. We understand our customers' needs; and top of the list is getting new customers to stay loyal to you.However, getting new customers in this hyper-competitive world is becoming harder every day.
Unless you are a master at both traditional and internet marketing, trying to create a successful marketing program yourself is nearly

We do mass media advertising. Besides AMPSS, our services include Print & Digital Publishing, Commercial and Film Production, Branding, 2d & 3d Animation, Virtual And Augmented Reality, Website and Mobile Apps, Social Media Management & Marketing, Exhibitions and Conferences.

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